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Born Vita Wide Calf Boots – Walking As If Barefoot

Born Vita Wide Calf

Footwear has never been this comfortable and easy to wear – thanks to Born. This brand has been known to be one out of the few manufacturers of stylish and comfortable footwear for men, women and kids. Every pair of shoes from Born is specifically designed to fit the unending demand for durable and lightweight footwear. Guess what? When you wear a pair of Born shoes it is as if you are walking barefoot. How cool is that?…

Fitzwell Benton Extra Wide Calf – Comfort and Fashion Rolled Into One

Fitzwell Benton Extra Wide Calf

Comfort and fashion is the signature of Benton by Fitzwell. For the trendy wearer like you, this on trend flat boots combine versatility and comfort. The versatility comes in that you can pair them with your classic style or your unusual modern fashion statement. The genuine leather uppers and shaft are designed to fit perfectly to your great calves. The 17 inch circumference with size 6 in medium as the basis is ideal for athletic calves as well.…

David Tate Branson Extra Wide Shaft – Perfect Fit

David Tate Branson

David Tate has provided quality products to its customers since they have started. They specifically make products aimed at women, which give them empowerment, confidence, passion, fun and freedom. Its fashion sense is perfect for any occasion and also for women of any height. They have a wide variety of products to choose from whether it is cascading dresses, spunky shoes for women, stylish accessories or beautiful tops. Among the trendy fashion being sought after by women of today are shoes, particularly boots for wide calves.…