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Wide Calf Ugg Boots – One Of A Kind

Wide Calf Ugg Boots

Sheep are such gentle creatures. No wonder then, footwear manufacturers use sheepskin when they designed Ugg boots. Wide calf Ugg boots are unisex sheepskin boots. The sheep fleece is placed in the inside while the inner skin becomes the outer surface. The outer surface is usually tanned to give it a natural leather look. Although the boots are unisex, more women than men prefer to use the footwear. Uggs are currently a worldwide trend. Many countries around the world that have large sheep population are starting to join this latest trend.…

Wide Calf Rain Boots – Showing Off Even When It’s Wet

Wide Calf Rain Boots

Rainy days are unavoidable. The problem with rain is that you cannot use for usual, everyday footwear. If you wear your wide calf boots when it rains, you run the risk of ruining it or shortening its life span. How do you go about when it rains? Wear something that suits the wet condition. Wear wide calf rain boots. These boots are actually a sub-category of wide calf boots. You know that wide calf boots are for those who have larger calves or athletic calves.…

Winter Accessories for Your Plus Size Boots

Winter Accessories

Winter season is fast approaching and you need extra warmth for your feet. You can always do that by adding a little bit of extra. You can choose to add fur, wool, or sheep skin. Whatever you choose, those three will always add extra warmth for your feet. But, what if you are given an accessory for your boot that is removable? Wouldn’t that be more awesome?

You can just have regular plus size boots and you can just have the one that you usually have.…

Adjust The Boots To Fit Your Muscular Calves

Adjust You Wide Calf Boots

When talking about boots for those who have wide calves, the usual accessory associated to that is a garter as well as laces. Garters stretch and so it is able to match up to the size of your calves. Other than garters, there are other ways to adjust the boots for your muscular calves. Some are obvious while some are subtle.

Buckles also provide help in adjusting for the legroom of your boot. The legroom will actually depend on the location of the buckle on the shoe.…