Lobo Solo Shery Wide Calf Boot – Soft, Comfortable and Fashionable

Lobo Solo SheryFinding a boot that gives a perfect fit, for a woman with large calves, is not an easy task. However, with Lobo Solo Shery your search is over. This boot is designed to fit perfectly muscular calves. Women with a wider calf will find this boot the perfect choice. It has leather and suede uppers, and a leather lining and insole that gives you a great fit. The footwear does not only give a great fit, but it is attractive and fashionable for ladies like you. The platform heel and the long shaft gives an accent to your looks and to your chosen fashion wardrobe.

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It is great to have this Lobo Solo boot for your chosen fashion style. The boots are designed to fit greatly into those athletic calves. The uppers are made of leather complimented with decorative buckle around the shaft. The boot is considered lightweight at 15 ounces and the circumference is 17 1⁄2 inches. Since it is designed specifically for the comfort of plus size women with muscular calves, comfort enhancing accessories are available for you.

The shaft height of Lobo Solo Shery is ideal for two very important factors. First, it covers those large calves and make them look smaller visually. It is the perfect partner if you dress up exposing your legs. Second, it adds to your height by visually making your legs look longer. If you are the average height, you will look tall. If you are already tall then you will look taller than your actual height. With this factor, it then goes that the shoe is fashionable for you. It will go well with your kind of fashion. Formal or casual fashion will just be great with this boot.

Select the wide calf boot of your choice now. You will be surprised at how pleased many women have been for purchasing the boot. It is a boot that is fashionable, with great fit to the calves, soft suede and very comfortable. It is fashionable primarily because you can wear just anything to match the boot. The great fit to the calves is just amazing, it fits in perfectly and it is so easy to move around because of the soft suede and insoles. It is also very comfortable to use.