Fitzwell Hanson Extra Wide Calf – Riding Boot For Big Calves

Fitzwell Hanson Extra Wide Calf

When a woman who is very fashionable and trendy sees a pair of boots, they cannot help but feel that there is something that catches her attention and make her want them. One thing that makes it so alluring is that when one imagines herself in a pair of boots, particularly the tall ones, it makes them feel and look sexy. But this can be quite a challenge to women who have fat legs as there are quite a few numbers of footwear that will fit in, particularly boots that does not have any zippers for example the style for cowboys and riding boots (Hanson by Fitzwell is an exception for that this rule). This will turn every shopping spree of a woman into a nightmare just looking for a single pair that will fit right.
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One of the reasons as to why these women could not fit most of the boots is that they have big calves that will be stuck when trying to get through the shaft of the footwear. Although difficult, there is a great selection of wide calf boots that are made specifically for women with big calves or fat legs.

If you are facing this challenge because either you have fat legs or large calves, your first option would be the malls as there are probably hundreds of displays of boots at department stores or boutiques. Looking for the right fit make take you a day but if you find one, then it will be perfect. However, if you find the right fit but not the right style that you want, there are still other options available.

A great option for women with big calves is the new Fitzwell Hanson boot with a price tag of $159.00. This are the details for a size 8 medium boot:

  • Pebbled leather uppers with harness accents on the ankle.
  • Stacked heel
  • Side but also back zipper for easy on-and-off.
  • Heel Height: 1 12 inches
  • Weight: 1 lb 3 oz
  • Circumference: 18 inches
  • Shaft Height: 16 inches