Wide Calf Ugg Boots – One Of A Kind

Wide Calf Ugg Boots

Sheep are such gentle creatures. No wonder then, footwear manufacturers use sheepskin when they designed Ugg boots. Wide calf Ugg boots are unisex sheepskin boots. The sheep fleece is placed in the inside while the inner skin becomes the outer surface. The outer surface is usually tanned to give it a natural leather look. Although the boots are unisex, more women than men prefer to use the footwear. Uggs are currently a worldwide trend. Many countries around the world that have large sheep population are starting to join this latest trend. The gentleness of the sheep is being carried to the footwear.

Women love to make statements, fashion statements at that. Uggs are so trendy so wearing them is a fashion statement. It is saying, I am trendy and I love boots, I am a trendsetter. Women who wear the footwear love how it mixes well with their wardrobe. Wearing skirts with Ugg boots is also trendy, so is wearing them with jeans and wearing them with a full dress. The footwear just fits in and blends with a variety of apparel. This is a reason why Uggs have started to make a following among young girls. They are both for women and young girls. Men can even join in if they want to.

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Fashion statements are good when health statements support them. Wide calf Ugg boots offer you all the health benefits a footwear have to offer. For women with wide calves, you can see and feel the health benefits. The fibers of the fleece that are inside the boots allow the air to circulate in a free manner. This air circulation keeps your feet constantly at body temperature. This health benefit is unheard of in other kinds of footwear. Not only that, the fibers inside keeps you warm in winter but also it keeps you cool in summer. This is something you have to actually experience and enjoy.

While the health benefit has variety, there is more variety to come. The footwear comes in different designs and in different colors, unimaginable for the sheepskin material. They come in black, in pink, in the color blue, chestnut and fuchsia. The footwear also comes in what is called the pull-on design and the laced design. Select what pleases you the most. The boot height also has variety. The height starts above the ankle and can go as high as below the knees, what a variety. Women and young girls will be itching to put on a pair of wide calf Uggs.

Trendy, healthy and with variety; this is how you describe these boots. This is a perfect match for you, who are trendy. Those who value health, the healthy bunch among women will also love the footwear. Ideal for any condition, they actually keep you warm when it’s cold and keep you cool when it’s warm. Those who love individuality will also love its variety; there is an Ugg boot for the unique you!