Fitzwell Benton Extra Wide Calf – Comfort and Fashion Rolled Into One

Fitzwell Benton Extra Wide Calf

Comfort and fashion is the signature of Benton by Fitzwell. For the trendy wearer like you, this on trend flat boots combine versatility and comfort. The versatility comes in that you can pair them with your classic style or your unusual modern fashion statement. The genuine leather uppers and shaft are designed to fit perfectly to your great calves. The 17 inch circumference with size 6 in medium as the basis is ideal for athletic calves as well. The boots bring in the desired long legged look coupled with fitting that is comfortable. The rounded toe plus the rubber sole give you confidence to walk on whatever surface there is.

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Benton comes with a laboratory designed gel insole. It is positioned on the heel for added comfort. The gel insole can handle foot pressure up to 1,000 lbs. per square inch and it cushions the shock of every stride that you will take. Running around with a heavy bag on is plain easy. Your foot is protected with the gel insole and your shoe retains its durability because of this design innovation. The 15 ounces of weight is very light for its class. The full side zipper design allows for easy put-ons and take-offs. The 14 and 1/2 inch shaft is complemented by 17 inch circumference on the calf. The boot comes in the rounded toe design and the rubber sole standard. With a heel height of just a half inch, the footwear accomplishes the comfort and fashion mix.

Whether you plan to wear it on casual or formal occasions – a pair of Benton will bring you a long way. It comes with the exclusive brand comfort and style versatility. It is great to wear with your must-have skinny jeans or jeggings and just want to go shopping around. It is also great to wear when you are in a formal occasion. The footwear fits perfectly with formal clothing whether dress or blouse and skirt mix. The good news about the shoe is that you can use it when you decide to wear something unconventional. The gel insole and rubber sole combination is ideal for fast walking and movement.

If you are undecided whether you will give more credit to comfort or more credit to fashion in your footwear choice, you can have them both with these boots. Women with wide shaft sizes will also be amazed at the fit and comfort that the shoe gives them. When comfort and fashion comes to mind, remember that Benton will give you both at no extra cost.